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Filling out your Timesheet is easy! You’ve been doing it all this time, with a pen and paper. Think of OpayQ as the Timesheet in your pocket that you NEVER LOSE. Gone are those days when you leave your timesheet in the cafeteria when you’re having lunch, only to realise that you’ve now forgotten all the details of your Non Rostered Overtime, or Remote Calls. You will have an electronic copy of your timesheet for ever!

Are you the type to want to categorise, or keep your old timesheets to look back on and sigh when you realise how much of your life was spent in the hospital? Then OpayQ has the answer for you. We will send you PDFs of all your timesheets as you go, making it easy, and simple to store them away. You will never need to scan them again!

Using OpayQ means that you are either using our dedicated iOS App or the Universal Web App. Both function in almost the same way, except that the iOS App is the only one with the nifty Barcode scanner on it. Just watch these videos below to learn how to add Data into your timesheet.