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Checking your Payslip has never been easier. Forwarding your payslip to OpayQ triggers a response within 15 minutes with a complete and accurately calculated payslip, or as we call it, an “OpayQslip”. Here is what you need to make this happen:

Log in to the HR21 payroll portal

For those transitioning from the old payroll system your new Login ID and an initial password will have been sent to your hospital email address by payroll. If you don’t recall your password there is a reset function.


In HR21 hover over “Payroll” and then click “Payslip” in the drop-down menu that appears

Ensure the payslip fortnight you want to send is selected from the list at the bottom

Click the orange “Payslip” button and a pop-up will appear with your payslip.

Important: the payroll system uses a pop-up window that many browsers do not allow. There is a slight delay to the window appearing but if you don’t see your payslip in a new window within 10-15sec you may need to enable pop-ups. Depending on your browser there are different methods to enable pop-ups and we suggest doing a quick search of the internet for instructions specific to your browser.

With the full Payslip now viewable click the Print button and print to PDF. If you don’t have a “print to PDF” option we recommend the Google Chrome web-browser which has a built-in PDF print feature. Save the PDF file to your computer

If you are using an iPhone at this point you can use a force touch or pinch and zoom on the screen to expand the print preview to full screen. You can then email this print preview PDF using the up arrow in the bottom left of screen

Email the PDF to


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